University of Southern California The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering

The Subsurface Energy and Environmental Systems (SEES) lab at USC focuses on integrating advanced computational and mathematical tools with insights from geosciences and the physics of multiphase fluid flow and transport processes in porous media to enable efficient development of subsurface energy, water, and environmental resources.

Our research transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries across Geosciences, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Engineering, Signal Processing, Estimation and Control, to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems in effectively harnessing subsurface resources while mitigating the impacts of their development and use. At the Viterbi School of Engineering, we are affiliated with the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Ming Hsieh Departmental of Electrical Engineering.


  • 04/28: The results for the 2015 SPE WNAR paper contest are announced. Congratulations to Pannayod Kritsadativud for winning the first place in the MSc division and to Reza Khaninezhad for winning the second  place in the PhD division.
  • 03/17: Behnam Jafarpour gives an invited talk on application of sparse reconstruction to subsurface characterization at the 2015 SIAM-CSE meeting in Denver.
  • 02/29: Reza Khaninezhad and Morteza Khodabakhshi present papers at the SPE-RSS meeting in Houston.
  • SPE-173275: "Sparse Geologic Dictionaries for Field-Scale History Matching Application" by Reza Khaninezhad and Behnam Jafarpour, appears in the proceedings of 2015 Reservoir Simulation Symposium.
  • SPE-173239: "Field Application of Multi-Scale Multi-Physics History Matching" by Morteza Khodabakhshi, Behnam Jafarpour, and Mike King, appears in the proceedings of 2015 Reservoir Simulation Symposium.