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The SEES Lab conducts multi-disciplinary research across geosciences, applied math, electrical engineering and computer science, with application to characterization, prediction, and control of subsurface flow and transport processes. Advanced computational and mathematical skills are at the core of our research and are emphasized in evaluating applications at the post-graduate level. For further information, please contact Prof. Jafarpour.

Post-Doctoral and Visiting Scholar Positions

A post-doctoral opportunity is currently available in the area of machine learning with application to dynamic subsurface imaging. Applicants with a PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, or applied math are particularly encouraged. Applicants with a strong mathematical background who completed their PhD in other engineering disciplines will also be considered. Interested applicants should apply at USC Careers and submit a CV including publication list and a statement of research interests. Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.

Visiting scholars with relevant expertise and research interests are welcome to contact Prof. Jafarpour to discuss their interests and visit plans.

Opportunities for Students

Graduate students who are interested in joining the SEES lab should first view the admission page of the school for general information. PhD students are mainly admitted for the Fall semester, but strong applicants may also be considered for the Spring admission. Applications should be submitted through the Chemical Engineering and Material Science, or Electrical Engineering, or Civil and Environmental Engineering Departments, depending on the degree program they wish to pursue.

On-campus Master and Undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Prof. Jafarpour to learn more about available opportunities to conduct research in the lab or to take Directed Research Units in research areas covered in the SEES lab.